PuiJenLam: Crafting Dreams into Resin Reality

Hi! I'm Pui-Ling, the creative force behind PuiJenLam - Stationery & Resin. Every stroke of my logo tells a story—it begins with the 'Pui' from my first name, followed by 'Jen' for Jenny, my middle name, and concludes with 'Lam,' my last name. This amalgamation is not just a name; it's a reflection of who I am.


Stationery & Resin Magic Unleashed


PuiJenLam is more than a business; it's an artistic odyssey. Launched in early 2023, we specialize in offering a delightful array of stationery, including uniquely crafted notepads and bookmarks. The magic extends to our resin-made creations, from charming keychains to intricate bookmarks and beyond. My art has no boundaries—I embrace the beauty of diverse styles and expressions.


Notepads Rooted in Culture and Childhood Memories


My notepads draw inspiration from my rich upbringing as a first-generation New Zealand-born Chinese. Each design encapsulates my experiences, the changing seasons, and nostalgic games from my childhood. It's a celebration of culture, identity, and the journey of self-discovery.


Resin Adventures: From Hobby to Home Business


The resin adventure began in 2022, a year of experimentation and creative exploration. What started as a desire to try a new craft blossomed into a beloved hobby. As the holidays of 2022/2023 unfolded, I found myself with the opportunity to turn my passion into a small home-based business. The idea sparked when I couldn't find notepads that resonated with my taste, leading to a burst of creativity that birthed themes around seasons and zodiacs.


Inspiration from Upbringing, Culture, and Identity


My creativity is fueled by my upbringing, culture, identity, and the boundless wonder of my children. Ideas are still evolving, waiting to come to life in production. The highlight of this journey? Custom orders from my children's friends, evolving from bookmarks and keychains to a magnificent kitsune figurine. The support from a friend overseas, even for a small order, brought immense joy.


Market Ventures: Slow Steps, Wonderful Moments


In November of the previous year, I ventured into markets, seeking connections with potential customers and locals. Some markets were slow, others filled with magic. Despite the pace, the joy my creations bring to my children's eyes makes every effort worthwhile.


2024: The Journey Continues


Yes, it's been a slow journey, but as we step into 2024, the spirit of PuiJenLam continues to thrive. Balancing this small business alongside the everyday hustle, I find inspiration in the excitement my children share when witnessing new creations taking shape.


Thank you for being a part of my artistic journey. Here's to many more chapters of crafting dreams into resin reality!