My Yellow Highlighter

Introducing "My Yellow Highlighter" – where elegance meets positivity in the form of 925 sterling silver jewelry, radiating in gold and rhodium plating. We are not just a jewelry gift shop; we're a haven for spreading hope, faith, and boundless love. Our two exquisite collections, the angel-themed jewelry and the infinity-themed jewelry, are more than accessories – they're symbols of profound connection.


What Sets Us Apart


At My Yellow Highlighter, our unique selling point lies in the deep resonance our angel and infinite symbol themed jewelry creates. Beyond mere beauty, our pieces carry messages of hope, faith, love, and boundless possibilities. With a diverse range of exquisitely crafted designs, we invite our customers to embrace the profound significance and elegance woven into each piece. It's not just about wearing jewelry; it's about wearing a symbol that speaks to the soul.


The Spark That Ignited Our Journey


Seven months ago, in July of 2023, I started a Facebook page, My Yellow Highlighter, to share daily affirmations – reminders of hope, faith, positivity, and love. It began as my refuge, born from a time when I felt lost. Soon, it became a source of hope for others too.


In September, facing the struggles of close friends, I felt the need to do something more. My childhood connection to angels inspired the choice of angel jewelry as a symbol of protection and endless love. The joy it brought to my best friend battling cancer was indescribable, revealing the power of simple gestures. My Yellow Highlighter - the gift shop was born, rooted in kindness and empathy, a journey about spreading positivity and reminding people they're not alone.


Evolution Over Time


The journey of My Yellow Highlighter took a significant turn last November during my first community Christmas twilight market. The enthusiastic response and support from the local and Filipino community markets inspired me to expand further. Joining Tiendecity became the next logical step, a move to connect with even more people and spread the message of hope and love through meaningful jewelry.


Challenges, Highs, and Lows


Starting a jewelry business and finding unique pieces were tough challenges. Each hurdle made me stronger. The best moments? Seeing how a simple gift of hope  may brighten someone's day. Doubts, supply chain issues, and personal struggles made things hard. They tested my strength and belief in the business.


Inspiration During Tough Moments


The stories of happiness and small gestures changing someone's view keep us going. The goal to spread positivity, hope, and love moves us forward. Each piece isn't just metal; it's a message that says, "You are a radiant soul, and I am here with you." The support from the community and encouragement from customers whose lives we've touched keep the passion alive, making a difference in people's lives.


My Yellow Highlighter isn't just about sales; it's about connections and stories, creating a positive impact. Join us in this journey of touching hearts, sharing smiles, and giving hope.