Made Pretty: A Journey from Thames Market to Heartfelt Creations

Hey everyone! I'm Jaini and I’m thrilled to take you on the journey of Made Pretty, my little slice of paradise tucked away in Thames–a picturesque town in the Coromandel Peninsula. It's not just any gift shop; it's a story of passion, community, and creativity.


From Humble Beginnings to a Heartfelt Mission


My adventure started at the bustling Thames Market every Saturday. Armed with a stall and bags of enthusiasm, I set out to promote something close to my heart – bags originally and handmade from the Philippines. These weren't just accessories; they were a piece of my heritage, a connection to my roots.


This endeavor was more than a business; it was a way to support and uplift the livelihood projects back in my local community in the Philippines. Each sale, each smile from a customer, was a step towards giving back to the community that shaped me.


​​Denver: My then Little (now Big) Business Buddy


What makes this journey truly special is my son, Denver. At the tender age of 9, he started tagging along with me. Those market days were our little adventures – setting up the stall, chatting with customers, and sharing our story. It was more than just selling; it was about connecting, sharing, and learning together.


Fast forward to today, Denver is now 18. He's grown up right alongside Made Pretty, absorbing the ethos of entrepreneurship, creativity, and community. His insights and youthful spirit have been a constant source of inspiration and innovation for the business.


Discovering My Creative Spark


As I spent more Saturdays at the market, something wonderful happened. I began exploring my own creative avenues, designing fashion items that reflected my personal style and vision. The thrill of creating something from scratch, of seeing my ideas come to life, was exhilarating.


The response from people was incredible. There’s something special about handcrafted items – they tell a story, they carry a piece of the creator’s soul. And to my delight, people loved them! Their support and enthusiasm was the wind beneath my wings. It inspired me to keep going, to keep creating.


A Community of Collaboration and Support


Made Pretty has blossomed into more than just a gift shop. It’s a hub of creativity and collaboration. I’ve connected with other small businesses, each with their unique offerings, and together, we support and promote each other. It’s a beautiful synergy of talents and passions.


Made Pretty: More Than Just a Shop


Every item at Made Pretty has a story, a journey from a concept to a cherished piece. When you shop here, you’re not just buying a product; you’re embracing a piece of a dream, a fragment of a story, a bit of someone’s heart.


So, to all of you who have supported Made Pretty, and to those who are yet to discover us, I invite you to visit. Whether you’re looking for something special or just browsing, come and experience the warmth and creativity that Made Pretty has to offer. Let’s celebrate the beauty of handmade creations and the power of community!