Jholene's Pinoy Delights: A Culinary Journey of Filipino Flavors 

Hi! I am Mylene, the proud owner and chef behind Jholene's Pinoy Delights. Our culinary haven brings the vibrant taste of the Philippines to the heart of New Zealand. Join us on a delectable journey, as we serve a variety of Filipino street foods, desserts, and home-cooked dishes that go beyond just satisfying hunger—they evoke cherished memories of the Philippines.


Our Diverse Palette of Filipino Delights


At Jholene's Pinoy Delights, we offer a mouthwatering array of Filipino favorites. From the smoky goodness of Pork Barbecue and the succulent Chicken Inasal to the crunchy delight of kwek-kwek and the sweet indulgence of Leche Flan, Suman, and Bibingka—our menu is a celebration of Filipino street foods and desserts. But that's not all; we also take pride in serving home-cooked dishes like Sisig, Kaldereta, Menudo, and many more.


What Sets Us Apart: More Than Just Food


What sets us apart is our commitment to bringing the Filipino culture to our customers through their culinary experience. Beyond the delightful flavors, we believe that each dish is a journey back to the Philippines. We create not just meals but moments of nostalgia, allowing our customers to reminisce about their special times in the Philippines through the authentic taste of our cuisine.


The Spark of Passion Igniting a Business


The inspiration for Jholene's Pinoy Delights stems from my lifelong passion for cooking. Despite pursuing a career in dentistry as an orthodontist, the love for creating delectable dishes never left me. Starting as a dental assistant in New Zealand, my culinary journey began when our church community started ordering cassava cakes from me. What began as a side job soon evolved into a full-fledged business fueled by the joy people experienced when they tasted my food.


Evolution of the Culinary Dream


From baking cassava cakes for church events, I transitioned into catering for birthdays and weddings. The pinnacle was earning a spot in the Henderson Night Market, where our customer base flourished. However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges, and the night market closures compelled us to adapt. Despite the hurdles, the unwavering support of our loyal customers, coupled with my family's dedication, helped us navigate these tough times.


Family Support: The Heartbeat of Jholene's


Behind every dish at Jholene's Pinoy Delights is the unwavering support of my family. My husband, Jhong, has been my driving force—literally and figuratively—serving as my driver, lifting partner for heavy loads, and the BBQ griller extraordinaire at night markets. My kids contribute to the kitchen hustle, aiding in food preparation and selling at bazaars and night markets.


Our name, Jholene's Pinoy Delights, is a fusion of my name, Mylene, and my husband's, Jhong, symbolising the collaborative effort that fuels this culinary adventure. As we continue to evolve, facing challenges head-on and adapting to the changing landscape, one thing remains constant—our commitment to delivering not just Filipino delights but a taste of home, tradition, and family warmth.


Thank you for joining us in this flavorful journey!