Crafting Stories: The Journey of JES Creations

Hi everyone! I am Jayanthi, the founder of JES Creations. Let me take you through my journey of how this business evolved and the core behind it.


Discovering Inspiration: A Husband's Eye-Opening Encounter

It all began with a meaningful discovery made by my husband at the Takanini Temple, a Sikh temple in New Zealand. He learned that the beautiful fabrics donated by devotees to the temple were often burnt and buried over time. This sparked the idea to upcycle and repurpose these fabrics, preventing them from being wasted.


Unleashing Creativity: A Passion for Creation

As the fabrics came home, I couldn't resist the urge to create something beautiful from them. Starting with bags and teaching other women to do the same, I found myself delving deeper into my passion for creativity.


Exploring Opportunities: Seeing Potential

Exploring my options, I realised the potential to share these creations with the wider community. My first market experience at The Classy Craft Market in Howick was eye-opening. The positive feedback and appreciation for my work encouraged me to expand my product range.


Crafting with Meaning: Diverse Offerings

Today, JES Creations offers a diverse range of products, including home decor items like table runners, cushion covers, and tablecloths, as well as unique gift items like tissue box covers, pouches, and makeup bags. Each piece is crafted with care and infused with the essence of our culture and heritage.


A Mission Beyond Profit: Honoring Tradition

For me, this business is not just about profit—it's about using my creativity to make a difference in the community. It's about honoring the sacredness of these fabrics and preventing them from going to waste.


Gratitude and Perseverance: Community Support

Every market I attend and every person who learns about the story behind these fabrics reaffirms the importance of what I'm doing. Despite the challenges of catering to a niche market, I am committed to persevering and continuing to share my creations to the community.